Office of the future?
A comparative study of the office of tomorrow from the perspective of Generations X and Y

It is a widely held perception that Generation Y think completely differently from Generation X and are about to turn the office working environment upside down. Their priority at work is to have fun, working hours should be flexible and all so-called millennials want to decide for themselves whether to work in an office, from home or in a coffee shop. They have no interest in working at a fixed workstation and being in the office every day.

However, this perception is incorrect! As our study demonstrates, Generation Y’s requirements of the office of the future are scarcely different from those of their older colleagues. Both generations have quite similar perceptions of the ideal workplace with only subtle differences. The following are two examples.

Across both generations, 95% of our 1,200 respondents (Gen Y: 94%, Gen X: 97%) indicated that they would prefer to have a fixed workstation. Neither generation value having a tablet at their workstation highly (38% / 41%), yet both groups consider a landline telephone highly important (89% / 95%).

Surprised? So were we. Other unexpected findings on the office of the future can be found in our study. In collaboration with CCL consulting cum laude we use six theses and illustrate how the office of the future might look and which aspects developers, occupiers and investors should be paying attention to in this context.


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