Christian Valenthon

Christian has been COO of Savills Germany since 2016. Out of our Frankfurt office, he is responsible for support and central services such as finance, HR, IT and legal & compliance.

Christian is a member of the Savills management board and as COO is head of the operative business in Germany. He studied International Business at Northwood University in Michigan and received his Master of Science in Financial Management from the renowned Nyenrode Business University. During Christian’s professional career he has held various management positions. He was responsible for mergers & acquisitions, risk management and internal auditing at Boston-based conglomerate General Electric. Christian was CFO Germany for US consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield and also a year later, for Central Eastern Europe and COO Germany. With him, Savills has an experienced managing director.

Christian enjoys his leisure time playing tennis or diving and exploring underwater marine life.


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