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In turbulent times intelligent property investment decisions depend on accurate insights into markets and sectors.

Our professional teams are able to draw not only on their own knowledge and acumen, but also on the experience and market intelligence of their colleagues in our worldwide offices. Our dedicated specialists conduct business on behalf of clients, both nationally and internationally.

Raising finance increasingly requires sophisticated expert knowledge. Savills skills and experience can be particularly valuable. We have close relationships with lenders and the knowledge to make your financial needs run smoothly and cost-effectively wherever you are.


Key contacts

Marcus Lemli

Marcus Lemli

CEO Germany / Head of Investment Europe
European Investment


+49 69 273 000 11


Rena Knöpke

Rena Knöpke

Head of Business Development, Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Savills Investment Management

+49 40 320 459 04



Dublin Office Market in Minutes: December 2018
10. December 2018

Dublin Office Market in Minutes: December 2018

Spotlight Retail Autumn/Winter 2018
03. December 2018

Retail is reinventing itself once again, as it has throughout history. The fact that there is deep-rooted change afoot, even disruption, is undeniable. This newfound awareness is shaping today’s investment market. It is channelling demand towards safer, higher-quality assets, encouraging the search for new concepts, and calling for new real estate investment criteria. All these changes are only just beginning, they will take time, but they give us a glimpse of the exciting future ahead.