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Five global real estate themes that have relevance to university estates strategies

For our first Higher Education Spotlight we look across our global real estate advisory business for themes and changes that are taking place that might be of interest to or even worth adopting in University’s real estate strategies.

What was most notable from this global sweep is how many of the trends that are taking place in the office, retail, residential and hospitality sectors are very relevant to those who manage university estates. It was also particularly interesting to see how some of the themes that the more mainstream real estate sectors are struggling with are those that Britain’s universities developed and mastered some time ago.

The over-riding themes of this exercise have found that there is a global appetite for secure-income investments, as well as a desire to invest in existing assets in a more sustainable and impactful fashion. Both of these themes, we believe, mean that methods of investing/ financing and potential partnering, are going to rise to the forefront of future strategic decisions for University’s estates over the next decade.

We will be returning to some of these themes in more detail in future Higher Education Spotlights, but we hope that you find our five key global real-estate themes thought provoking.

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